Strategic Planning

With more than 25 years’ experience and insight into Alberta government, Tim Wade is a seasoned professional with considerable knowledge of the Alberta public service. TWC Inc provides effective and cost-efficient government relations consulting services, allowing clients to navigate government and maximize their opportunity for success.

TWC Inc is a boutique government relations consulting firm, in which Tim personally meets with clients to explore objectives, then assess the likelihood and timing of success.

Tim crafts and tailors a government relations strategy of contact and advocacy to achieve short and long-term goals. Such strategies include milestones by which to measure progress toward objectives. Where relevant, collaborative and competitive stakeholders are identified, and outreach and coalition building are conducted.

As part of a government relations strategy, TWC Inc provides:

  • client education in government process, people and decision-making
  • an ongoing currency in such knowledge
  • a process by which to build relationship, credibility and goodwill with government
  • established strategic alliances and contacts within all levels of government to assist with cross-jurisdictional objectives.