Government Relations Consulting Services

Tim Wade Consulting Inc delivers effective and cost-efficient government relations consulting services to private sector businesses, industry partnerships, coalitions, professional associations, not-for-profits and trade unions.

With over 25 years of experience and insight concerning Alberta government, Tim is a seasoned professional who provides a unique set of skills. His strategic services are based upon his considerable knowledge of Alberta’s political and business landscape, the Alberta legislature and Alberta’s public service.

TWC Inc is ideal for clients seeking support with:

  • change in government policy through legislative amendment or regulatory change via Order in Council
  • regulatory approvals
  • requests for proposal (RFP) and grant opportunity positioning
  • building relationships and credibility with government.

In connection with such activities, TWC Inc:

  • provides clients with education in government process, people and decision making
  • maintains their currency in such knowledge
  • assists clients with their communications and meetings with government representatives
  • develops strategies for building relationships, credibility and goodwill with government
  • provides advocacy advice to empower client representatives interacting with government
  • provides analysis of government announcements impacting client interests, and identification of emerging issues.

Tim personally evaluates client objectives to advise on their timing and opportunity for success. He works directly with the client to design government relations strategies and assists with their execution. TWC Inc’s established record of client success speaks to Mr. Wade’s thoughtful, effective approach.

TWC Inc draws upon established strategic alliances and contacts as required, including those helpful to clients with cross-jurisdictional objectives.